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COM Express™ Modules

COM Express™ was defined by the PICMG® (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group) as an open specification without hidden hooks. New module formats have been adopted recently.

Qseven™ Modules

Qseven has in recent years become the most widely adopted new standard for small form factor modules, specifically targeted towards applications that demand low power consumption. 

ETX ® Modules

ETX ® will continue to be the platform of choice for systems requiring CPUs with low power dissipation and support for legacy interfaces such as the ISA bus, PS/2, LPT or COM1/COM2. 

nanoRISC ® Modules

The nanoRISC ® module standard has been created for applications requiring a small form factor and lowest power consumption. These modules can be used as a processing supercomponent, while users only need to add application-specific periphery.





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