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Industrial Automation

Off-the-shelf Computer on Module (COM) technologies for Process, Factory and Building Automation Systems and Solutions



Intelligent production systems and processes, and coordination of networked, geographically distributed production sites are becoming norm rather than the exception. The pace the industry is developing requires standardizations in order to quickly respond to the industry demands.

MSC Embedded is actively participating in the standardization process for the electronic industry and is one of the leading COM products manufacturers in the world. Our standard COM products along with our software and hardware design services can help you developing systems for Manufacturing process automation and control as well as building automation.

Our COM products based on the latest Intel and AMD dual and quad core processor technologies can enable outstanding quality control systems like automated optical inspection and testing machines.

Equipped with real-time operating systems these platforms control industrial robots and other complex machines. Remote management capabilities help to reduce maintenance costs and allow updates without sending a technician to the plant floor. Small and power efficient Qseven™ modules are ideal for local control and I/O tasks. Driving high resolution displays, these compact solutions are suitable for economic HMIs as well.

The COM modules offer scalability by using the same custom specific carrier boards with different COM modules for easy upgrade of existing solutions with the latest computer technology. 

Our EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 certified design and manufacturing services are guaranty for your success.

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Product Highlight

Cost and power-efficient COM Express Modules with Celeron Processors

The powerful MSC CXB-6S COM Express ™ modules integrate the Intel ® HM65 PCH chipset and the Intel ® Celeron ® processor 827E with one core (1.4GHz) or the dual-core Intel ® Celeron ® processor 847E with 1.1GHz clock frequency. Both processors are manufactured in a 32 nm technology and use a 2 MB L3 cache. The specified thermal dissipation power (TDP) of both processors is 17W. The typical power consumption of the 827E based module is below 20W. More power-efficient is the shortly available COM Express ™ module with Intel ® Celeron ® processor 807E which consumes 10W (TDP) only.


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