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When you play you want to win the BIG one.

But excitement in winning the price starts with thrill and entertainment. We understand the link between the two and are assisting many international gaming companies in developing individual gaming platform solutions based on standard Computer on Module (COM) and discrete graphics processor technologies capable to deliver the entertainment part of the game.

MSC is part of the technology “game” and is striving to support gaming industry with products, skills, and services relevant to the industry. The fast changing CPU and GPU technologies require flexibility in being able to quickly react to the changes. This is why we believe that the modular approach delivered through COM technology provides the best value for money. 

Apart from striving to deliver excellence in electronics MSC understands that each industry has its own rules and regulations and the gaming industry is no exception. That’s the reason why we’ve invested a lot of effort in studying the gaming regulations especially those related to the gaming platform security requirements and gaming compliance.

Our Strengths:

  • By being part of Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA Alliance programs MSC is in position to get early access to their latest CPU and GPU technologies and build standard products suitable for gaming platforms development.
  • A choice of standard COM products based on PICMG COM Express™, Qseven, and nanoRISC specifications as well as custom baseboards are available off the shelf.
  • Knowledge and resources to assist in building security solutions based on the international security standards like TCG TPM, NST FIPS, and customer specific requirements. 
  • MSC has several design centers in Germany competent in HW, SW, BIOS and FPGA design and would be able to support the customers with custom gaming designs or specific gaming features implementation.
  • Own production facilities capable to deliver products in the shortest possible time.
  • Partnership network with a number of development and manufacturing companies covering embedded graphics boards products 


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New high end module

The design of the MSC C6B-7S module is based on Intel's 22nm CPU technology enabling highest performance levels for embedded applications. The 3rd generation of Core processors brings triple independant display support, DirectX 11, fast DDR3-1600 memory and USB 3.0 on a compact module. Different Core i3, i5, i7 and Celeron processors are supported by this design.

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Viva Las Vegas

Kevin Chan presents MSC products at G2E

Even so MSC Embedded was visiting the world’s leading casino and gaming exhibition G2E in Las Vegas for many years, in this year’s event we were exhibiting with our COM solutions and graphics cards on our own booth. MSC is known in that industry for its security solutions and custom developments up to complete sub systems. If you have interest in products for gaming applications or systems, please contact us at